White House unveils new efforts to guide federal research of AI

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House on Tuesday announced new efforts to guide federally backed research on artificial intelligence as the Biden administration looks to get a firmer grip on understanding the risks and opportunities of the rapidly evolving technology.

Why Ukraine has fought Russia for every inch of Bakhmut

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) - The nine-month battle for Bakhmut has destroyed the 400-year-old city in eastern Ukraine and killed tens of thousands of people in a mutually devastating demonstration of Ukraine’s strategy of exhausting the Russian military.

Debt ceiling negotiators rushing for weekend deal

WASHINGTON (AP) - Negotiators from the White House labored Thursday over the U.S. debt limit with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s emissaries at the Capitol, grinding through a second day of head-to-head talks trying to strike a budget deal to avert a looming economic crisis.

Will dashboard AM radio be saved?

NEW YORK (AP) - Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are pushing to keep AM radio in the nation’s cars.

Tabloids' illegal behaviour covered up - Harry's lawyer

Prince Harry is expected to give evidence at a high profile court case alleging illegal activity by tabloid newspapers targeting him and other celebrities.

Some scenes from the US-Mexico border, where immigration rules are set to change

From El Paso and Ciudad Juárez to San Diego and Tijuana, migrants were massing Thursday along some sections of the U.S.-Mexico border in a last attempt to cross into the United States in the hours before the pandemic-era health rule known as Title 42 ends.

Pope joins Meloni in urging Italians to have more kids, not pets

ROME (AP) - Pope Francis joined Italy's conservative premier on Friday in encouraging Italians to have more children, denouncing the financial precariousness facing young couples and "selfish, egotistical" choices that have led to a record low birth rate that is threatening the country's economic future.